Monday, October 17, 2005


Yikes, Rave, supposedly it's 93 degrees here in Cuautla today! Sure could have fooled me.

"It doesn't seem that hot to you--although I note that you are wearing shorts and a tee shirt--because the normal weather in Bahrain was at least 10 degrees hotter. But, yes, it is rather hot--that's why I was buzzing around by the river all morning."

Well, now that you are back to business, what's your take on the latest news? I see that President Mugabe of Zimbawbwe called Bush and Blair the "two unholy men of our millennium" at the FAO meeting in Rome.

"Good for him! Although the US has pretty well mediatized away any credibility that the guy had. Can you believe that they managed to have travel sanctions applied to him because of--get this--vote rigging? I guess the Creepy Cretin Bush doesn't appreciate anyone giving him competition in that quarter. And Chavez?"

Chavez said, among other things: "The FAO gets 900 million dollars a year, not even one billion. Compare that to what developed countries devote to their agricultural production: One billion a day!"

"In one day they are investing in subsidies what FAO can allocate in one year," said Chavez.

"In Washington, they've just announced their defence budget for the coming year: 500 billion dollars. That's enough to finance FAO for 500 years!"

As usual, he pointed out the obviously skewed priorities of the US government. Too bad folks in the States are so brain-dead that it isn't even obvious to them.

"He's been busy. First he managed to organize the troops in Salmanca at the Cumbre to call a spade a spade in regard to the US blockade of Cuba, and got everyone behind him in regard to the extradiction of Posadas--the "Osama bin Laden of Latin America", as some have called him--for blowing up that Cuban airliner in 1976. By the way, do you remember how much Libya's government had to pay in "reparations" for supposedly blowing up that Pan Am plane over Scotland?"

No, but why isn't the US having to pay reparations for Posadas' bombing--given that he was on the CIA payroll at the time?

"Those cynical bastards--they would probably say that at one time or another just about everybody has been on their payroll."

I haven't, for one.

"Nor has this bird. But, speaking of extraditions, Chavez has turned up the heat by saying that he is going to ask for the extradition of Pat Robertson for terrorism because he called for Chavez' assassination."

Good move, and at a great time, as it seems like the Bush Gang has its dirty hands pretty full these days--what with Rove and Libby and now Cheney, aka Mad Dog, under the eyes of the special prosecutor--on top of the Katrina scandal, the Iraq mess, et cetera.

"Not to mention that afro-americans were demonstrating in Washington. And neo-nazi skinheads created such a ruckus in Toledo, Ohio, with their "criminalization of blacks" that martial law had to be declared in the state where Bush rigged the vote in 2004 and stole his second presidential election....And you tell me that we are going to the States next week?! Maybe I will pass. It will be rainy and cold and I don't have an umbrella. Better that I stay here in 93 degrees--which, I see on Yahoo Weather feels like 101 degrees.
Nothing like life in the tropics!"