Saturday, April 02, 2011

Intimations of the Next World


"¡Ya p├írenle, hijos de la chingada!"
Javier Sicilia

Fukushima is
a 100 year job to
control and clean up;
then they say the "facts" were wrong,
that there is now no danger.

rain splatters Boston Common
while Obama goes
on t.v. in his stiff suit
and his media halo

to award himself
the NATO Warmaker Prize.
In Cuernavaca
a poet whose son was killed
by: The army, the police

or the narco gangs
gives government one week to
produce the killer
or pack its bags, and even
the Vatican denounces

wholesale slaughter of
Libyan civilian hens
by the NATO fox
deployed to guard the henhouse.
In Cochabamba Chavez'

plane fails to take off
for Cartegena while he
urges unity
against the gringo empire,
and Hillary orders press

silence on Bahrain,
where the death count is rising.
CIA agents
prowl the streets of Damascus,
Mercury turns retrograde,

Obama claims to
save Arabs by killing them,
and at Neah Bay
the Makah watch clouds bringing
nuclear spring from Japan.