Friday, November 21, 2008


Raven, you rascal, you are overdoing it with the salsa de guajillo.

Raven dribbles a ravishing red from his beak: "But in times of scarcity, excess is de rigeur, my dear".

Ah, really? Did I hear you clearing through gullet to shriek "Let'em eat cake"?

"Hardly. I was being sarcastic."

Hmmm. Likely story. Meanwhile, anything new in the world?

"Same old same old, I fear. More of Clinton's cabinet ready to be appointed by the president-elect. Even Clinton's long-suffering mate. Israel has turned Gaza into Auschwitz. You know, the more things change...."

I know: The more the stay the same.

"Looks like lasagna weekend?"

And classic Mexican films, starting with "The Pearl".

Poetic choice, as wisdom is scarce as hen's teeth.