Thursday, September 01, 2011

Intimations of the Next World


"The United States will be destroyed,
land and people, by atomic bombs
and radiation." Hopi prophecy
(Cited by Frank Waters in THE BOOK OF THE HOPI)

52 people
massacred in Monterrey
in a firebombing;
Al Qaeda mercenaries
sack and pillage Tripoli

in liberty's name,
while Sarkozy hops a plane
to Beijing to beg
for bailouts of the French banks
and Cheney drops his boxers

to moon the U.S.
citizenry. Oh what fun
it is to ride in
a roller coaster to hell,
while more earthquakes jolt Japan

and the Japanese
sell everything to buy gold.
(In Cuba in the
1920s fishermen
found gold watches and gold rings,

even gold fillings
from Machado's opponents
the the bellies of
sharks.) In Venezuela gold
in all of its forms has been

nationalized or
repatriated, while 2
million people
follow Chávez in Twitter,
and in Chile Piñera

drops below 30
percent approval and 1
million people
protest in the streets, dreaming
of Salvador Allende.

Near Flagstaff, AZ,
the kachinas have voted
to pack their bags and
head from the proposed ski slopes
to their original stars.