Friday, April 08, 2011

Intimations of the Next World


"Estamos hasta la madre"
(Mexican people against the war on drugs)

On Wednesday they were
marching throughout Mexico--
40,000 in
Cuernavaca alone--to
stop the bloody war on drugs

the gringos outsourced
and now say was an "error";
Ecuador boots out
the gringa ambassador,
one million Colombians

protest in the streets
against the FTA scam.
A morning earthquake
wakes Veracruz, and minutes
later rattles the ruins

of northeast Japan,
conservatives chase after
medicare oldsters
with butcher knives, and hearses
line up like ants to carry

away the corpses
to their overpriced coffins.
Would it matter if
all the governments shut down--
when Belgium hasn't even

had one for a year,
and in Mexico we've had
over 4 years of
rule by 2 television
stations and the drug cartels,

when Haiti elects
a song and dance man
to choreograph
the pas de deux of earthquake
rubble and cholera deaths?

Obama kicks off
his billion dollar campaign
anyway, banking
on Libyan rebels who
cannot blow up a phone booth.

In Maine, one by one,
Passamaquoddy lawsuits
saw through the system,
adding, acre by acre,
to the primeval forest.