Saturday, March 26, 2011

Intimations of the Next World


"The invasion:
the mother of all errors."
(Iraqi leader)
Many Libyan tribes march
peacefully from Tripoli

to Benghazi, while
NATO bombers deliver
death to the people.
The water of Tokyo
cannot be drunk by children--

its radiation
level is too dangerous;
waves coming to shore
carry radioactive
iodine one thousand times

higher than normal.
The Mexican president
orders six new plants
of nuclear power and
the suppression of reports

of violence by
all media, as the death
count from his drug war
approaches forty thousand.
In Ottawa, Harper falls--

hoping to regain
power on the backs of hawks
leading the NATO
invasion of Libya--
where four thousand gringo troops

raise one boot over
the shore, on the road to oil--
while in Odanak,
Quebec, the Abenaki
ruminate the disaster

they have digested
since Wolfe defeated Montcalm
and the English scalped
in exchange for beaver pelts:
just one of many errors.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Intimations of the Next World


Armored vehicles
cross the bridge from Saudi to
Bahrain to prop up
the Al-Khalifas, guard the
US fleet moored off Juffair.

In Miyagi, more
than half million survivors
build fires from fallen
branches and roofs of houses,
trying to keep from freezing.

They are surrounded
by corpses of neighbors, mounds
of pestilent mud,
without food or drink, waiting--
while the snow covers their fires--

like flies in amber,
for the frigid relief of
radioactive spinach.
Drones penetrate Mexico.
The gringo ambassador

is packing his bags,
but leaving armed agents and
DEA handlers
carousing on three floors in
avenida Reforma.

Carlos complied with
his orders, says Hillary,
and now Mexico's
president must complete his--
or it's 1848

with the stars and stripes
flying in the Zócalo--
or if you prefer,
Sunday in Gadafi's tent
ventilated courtesy

of our Tomahawk
cruise missiles and thirst for oil.
Near Yucca Mountain
two silent Shoshone, smoke
saluting the equinox.