Thursday, April 14, 2011

Intimations of the Next World


"¡No más sangre!"
(Mexico's people)

Libyan rebels
are demanding billions
and artillery,
and flatly refuse a cease-
fire, while France and the UK

demand to outsource
the war to mercenaries;
France is exhausted
from being the "point man", but
has energy to kidnap

the recalcitrant
Ivory Coast president
and impose a coup,
while near Fukushima waves
shiver in radiation

and in Korea
they close the schools because of
rainstorms. Here the president
of Mexico insists that

the narco cartels
are responsible for crime-
prevention, poets
have become the acknowledged
legislators of reason--

calling for country-
wide marches against bloodshed--
and there are only
two functioning toilets in
the brand new Senate building.

Washington D.C.'s
mayor is arrested for
protesting against
the chain saw massacre of
social services, while close

to Cochabamba
an Aymara boy places
3 coca leaves in
his cheek and begins to chew
his path back to the mountain.