Friday, February 07, 2003

On “La Voz del Pacifico Sur” this morning a candidate
for mayor of Huatulco announces he wants to meet with
young people—14 to 28 years old—because their input
is “fundamental”. He has a point: those young people will
have to live in the nest we have been so persevering in fouling....

Raven is weaving
his way along the highway,
gliding back and forth
through the nearly naked trees.
This February morning

on a hillside pale
as paper Raven inks his
typographic dance,
daring the world to read his
news, decipher his language.

A young man slaps his
machete against a tree:
clack, like a rifle
shot echoing in the brain
of Raven, void of meaning

but full of purpose.
If Raven can hold one thought
until afternoon,
he will release the silent
bullet of revolution.

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