Tuesday, February 25, 2003


Yesterday the summit conference of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries began in Kuala Lumpur. In his inaugural address the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, denounced the West’s “primitve methods”: using the pretext of a war against terrorism to try to dominate the world.

“Those kamikaze terrorists are killed in every attack, while the great warriors who press buttons see nothing of the dismembered bodies,” he indicated.

The Malaysian leader accused the West of exercising an “ideological oppression” in favor of democracy against poor countries: “Democracy is arguably the best system of government, but it is difficult to see a democratic method in imposing sanctions, starving people to death, and prohibiting their access to medical care with the end of having them accept democracy.”

“Good point.” Raven is starting to get excited as he reads this news.

The Non-Aligned Countries (116 countries in total) expect to approve a declaration today condemning a unilateral intervention in Iraq on the part of the US, as well as the expression Axis of Evil used by Baby Bush to denote 3 non-aligned countries, Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

“The only thing I want to know is why they are still calling themselves Non-Aligned Countries. Since the disappearance of the Soviet Union they should be calling themselves something different.”

Did you have something in mind, Rave?

“Not really. Maybe Victim Countries? Or Anvil Countries?”


“You know—like in the dialectic of the Hammer and the Anvil, the countries that always get beaten on....”

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