Monday, March 31, 2003


This beautiful morning Raven and I have agreed on two things:

1) I won’t give him any more undercooked meat, and

2) Bush and his criminal crony Dick Cheney MUST BE IMPEACHED.

What was that slogan for some brand of US athletic shoes that used Asian slave labor in their manufacture--? JUST DO IT!

Write, call and visit your congressional representatives.


Before more thousands of people are sacrificed to the gods of petroleum, get the people that are SUPPOSED to represent you rolling on the impeachment process.

(Nixon resigned—having done less damage to US credibility. And the Republicans tried to toss Clinton out on his ear for receiving blow jobs in the Oval Office. Monica Lewinsky doesn’t have to pay some distractive visits to Baby Bush at this point—he’s unleashed too much mayhem already. Let him keep his fly up—but throw his ass out of there!)

If you have any doubt about the gratuitous suffering and death of the invasion of Iraq, check out the photos on!

Raven says you won’t want to eat any more undercooked meat, either....

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