Monday, March 03, 2003


The 1998 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Portugese writer José Saramago has called upon the government of Chile not to cave in and support the US position in the UN Security Council, but to vote against the insistent drums of war.

Saramago recently criticized the US comment that their intervention in the military coup that overthrew Salvador Allende on September 11, 1973 (and their subsequent intransigent support of the dictatorship of Pinochet) was “nothing to be proud of”, dismissing it as merely an attempt at manipulation: “It´s shameful that the US has offered apologies; that country only ‘repents’ because it needs Chile’s vote. Thirty years after the military coup in Chile, the US wants to do the same thing in Iraq in another context.

And Rave, Bush sent that fascist Otto Reich to Santiago to pressure the Chileans.

“Right. And they reacted by taking off all their clothes and parading through the streets. I saw the photo.”

Raven has sworn off lean beef and is now bowling with one of the dumplings from his chicken and dumplings.

Not everybody was parading naked. Just some people.

“The ones with the best bodies, I think. Saramago is the guy you were reading last week, right? ‘El hombre duplicado’?”

Yes, he speaks his mind. He spoke out in no uncertain terms here in Mexico about the government’s counter-revolutionary tactics against Marcos and the EZLN. He’s 80 now, so has earned the right. Rave, you are making a mess on the table.

“Sorry. But these dumplings are nothing to be proud of either. All that’s missing from them is the Brunswick logo....”

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