Sunday, April 06, 2003


Wow—trying to get on the night bus (13-14 grueling hours from Pochutla to Mexico City—almost as long as flying to Bagdad….) is not so easy. When I left the village, Raven was duking it out with Jupiter the Dog over some Brie in suspicious condition I put out in the garden when I made a half-hearted pass at cleaning out the refri (as we say in Spanish). Amd not only they were running amok: The cat--in this case I-- had not even left last night, and the mouse who lives downstairs in the kitchen, and who has been getting bigger and more belligerent, was trying to sleep in my bed!

And now, here in the Internet Café I open the window for LA JORNADA only to read rumors of the possible death of Saddam Hussein (not news)—and the possible death of Dick Cheney, who despite his dogged belligerence has apparently had some heart attacks (heart, not conscience) in the past….(which might be news—but only if true—I believe it was Mark Twain who said, “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”?)

Hmmm. Just last week Raven and I were demanding that Bush and Cheney both be impeached—as a number of folks have speculated that no one has assassinated Bush because Cheney and his Rabies would both become President.

Here in Mexico we say “Muerto el perro, se acaba la rabia” (When the dog dies, the rabies is finished)—which in the case of Cheney would raise the opportunity to test if the “dicho” has a real-life application. With Rabid Dogs of War Cheney and Bush out of the way, would the psychosis they have fomented—a combination of Big Stick a la Teddy Roosevelt, Jews for Jesus and/or Jesus as the Imposer of Alcoholics and Cokeheads for President (paz, Oliver Stone)—simmer down, or has the disease been fanned to epidemic proportions (in order to balance the idiosyncratic new pneumonia virus streaming out of China….?) by Rumsfeld, Rice and Other Canines for Christ?

I really find the inclusion of fundamentalism a nasty element in this bitches’ brew we are swimming in. Especially fundamentalism of the stripe that drags Jesus by the ear into every potential political conflict and insists that he did not say, “Turn the other cheek,” but gave orders along the lines of “Burn the other gook”, and not “Suffer that the little children come unto me”, but “Come and see the little children suffer in my name”. Let's stop with the Sermon on Capitol Hill. In short, as Eduardo Galeano has implied—when Jesus seems to be in the picture only to give contradictory messages--to Bush and to the Pope, in this case--it’s best to leave him out of it.

So. For the next step after IMPEACH THE BASTARDS:


Good Friday is coming up; let’s not crucify any more people in His name.

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