Monday, April 14, 2003


E-mail from me to Raven:

Wow, Rave! The closing ceremony of the forum to express international solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution here in Venezuela was highly emotional. Lots of powerful speakers: Evo Morales, the social leader from Bolivia who should be sitting in the presidential chair of that country, was especially moving in his presentation, but there were many other leaders and intellectuals who bowled us over. Chávez was great, of course. (And we got to have a hug and kiss together, so I felt the strength of the man at very close range.) He kept going for hours in the street fiesta afterward, where big screens allowed the people to see him and hear him all along the Avenida Bolívar.

Raven to me:

Fabulous! The synergy of so many folks with positive intentions is bound to have a ripple effect. And one is really necessary now. I don’t know if you have been looking at the news this morning, but the latest country for the crosshairs has been identified by the Bush Gang: Syria.

This is from LA JORNADA:

“The United States ‘believes in the presence of chemical weapons in Syria’, declared president George W. Bush this Sunday—accusations that were denied by the government of Damascas, which labeled them tricks to distract attention from the chaos unleashed in Iraq. In the White House, the president announced to the press that Damascas ‘must cooperate’ with Washington in its efforts to put an end to the regime of Saddam Hussein. ‘The government of Syria must not give shelter to a single member of the Baath party’, he added.

Me to Raven:

This is bad news, Rave, The majority of the speeches presented yesterday here in the forum, in addition to supporting Venezuela, were speeches of strong resistence to the US invasion of Iraq and the proliferation of other invasions. Several mentioned the raising of Cuba’s and Venezuela’s profiles as targets. Chávez said:
“We are ready to mobilize ourselves and defeat any attempt from the inside or the outside to destroy this revolution”, and called for the globalization of the struggle for the freedom and equality of all people.

And what about the chemical weapons that Iraq was supposed to have? Were they supposedly sneaked into Syria, or what? This is getting too crazy.

Raven to me:

GETTING too crazy?

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