Thursday, January 29, 2004


Raven was feelilng out of his element here in Caracas, missing his fellow Ravens from the village in Mexico. Then he saw two Ravens on television--flying, playing, flipping acrobatically--and with snow-covered mountains in the background.

"Must have shot that footage in mating season," he commented. As the program's emphasis changed to Snake, he changed the channel.

The beautiful face of Robbie Robertson appeared on the screen.

Wow, Rave, it's "The Last Waltz"!

"Wouldn't be surprised."

No, guy--it's one of my favorite films. The Band, Dylan, Van Morrison, Neil Young, etcetera.

"It was the farewell aspect that I noticed."

Raven is very homesick, already. After only 2 days.


Raven is rocking
and rolling with "The Last Waltz"
on television.
He was watching himself fly,
changed channels when he saw Snake

and flapped his wings for
the joy of nostalgia
as The Band struck up
the end of the Seventies.
Raven can live eighty years;

if he looks backward,
and keeps flying straight forward,
he'll never get lost.
He will live in reflections
like the Hootchy Kootchy Man

of Muddy Waters,
dry his eyes remembering
both singer and song,
and further up the road no
one will give him trick for trick:

he is no prisoner
of white lines on the freeway.
This midnight rambler
is ready for his close-up;
he will stay forever young.

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