Tuesday, April 26, 2005

BANANALANDIA (Comic Interlude)

Raven is pecking at a croissant.

"That loco, Bucaram, really gets around. Maybe he was a crazy bird in a past lifetime."

Oh, where is he now?

"Remember that on the weekend he was insisting that he was phoning from the eastern sector of Caracas? And then the Peruvian government reported that he had crossed the border into Peru and was in Lima...."

Since when does Venezuela share a border with Peru?

"Well, the loco's sense of geography is probably as off base as the rest of his aspects. Anyway, now I see that he arrived last night in Panama and is asking for political asylum."

Here I think we have to assume that he flew--there's the matter of the Darien Gap to contend with.

And speaking of contending, the new president, Palacio, met with the US ambassador and then announced that there would be no revision of the agreement for the Manta military base.

"Geez, digging his grave already, isn't he? I think I will give this new guy 6 months, top."

Very generous of you, Rave.

"I am known for my largesse."

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