Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well, Rave, looks like a really put the jinx on the green mice when I made that huge lasagna with the 3 sauces like the Mexican flag.

"Yep, they just lost to Uruguay. But I am relieved by that." Raven reaches for the last bits of warmed-over lasagna on his plate.


"Because there was a lot of talk that the fix was in for the game. With both Uruguay and Mexico at 4 points, a fix to tie the game would have classified both teams. And since the game was not a tie, the fix was not in after all. This makes me feel a lot better as there is so much corruption in the World Cups."

That's because there is so much MONEY in the World Cups.

"You betcha. I don't suppose there is any more lasagna...?"

Nope, Rave. The 90 minutes of lasagna are over.

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