Sunday, March 13, 2011

Intimations of the Next World


A wind in central
Mexico kites the roof off
our neighbor's cowshed,
and an earthquake devastates
the northeast coast of Japan.

A wave rises high
off the beach in Mazatlan;
monarch butterflies
in Michoacan prepare
for their flight to Canada.

Radiation spikes
one thousand times above norms
in Fukushima,
and 45 thousand folks
explode out of the city.

Tanks scuttle across
the north African desert,
while tractors rumble
into Madison, heading
for the capitol building.

US goverment
agents run automatic
weapons across the
border into Mexico,
and a gringo agent is

shot and killed by one
in San Luís Potosí,
while Fidel Castro
denounces the empire's plan
to invade Libya for

its petroleum,
and Berlusconi threatens
to chop off the hands
of judges who want to slap
him in jail for procuring.

In the Pacific,
the Blue Star kachina surfs
a tsunami crest,
dancing, bringing the mother
of all rains to Hopiland.

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