Saturday, May 07, 2011

Intimations of the Next World


talking about a dead man;
he had been dead for
almost 10 years, but was killed
again in Pakistan last

Sunday: Osama.
With a 38 minute
television short
that no one is permitted
to watch, Obama kicks off

his re-election
campaign, hoping that no one
would be watching the
funeral of Gadhafi's
young son, his 3 grandchildren.

Whose body was tossed
in the ocean? Who else was
killed in the cinder-
block house in the valley? It
appears that nobody cares.

A poet leads a
march to stop the violence
from Cuernavaca
to Mexico City's main
plaza, while Marcos marches

to San Cristobal
with indigenous people
from the mountains of
Chiapas: ¡No más sangre!
Ya estamos hasta la

madre de sangre.
The US government once
more hits the warpath
against Geronimo, puts
his name on their spectacle

to kill a dead man.
In Mescalero country,
his grandson demands
they return his skull-stolen
from his grave by Prescott Bush

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