Monday, July 25, 2011

Intimations of the Next World


"The land! Don't you feel it?
Doesn't it make you want to
go out and lift dead Indians
from their graves, to steal from them--
as if it must be clinging even to
their corpses--some authenticity."
William Carlos Williams

IDF bullies
point their automatic guns
at Gaza's people,
expanding their sights to the Greeks
who bear gifts of sabotage

to the tiny fleet
of ships loaded with aid, and
arrest every
person on the only one
that was able to embark.

U.S. government
with chain saws massacres old
growth of citizens,
exposes fresh budget line
items for growing new bombs,

threatens Pakistan
to stop sending them shovels
to bury their dead
from the silent drone attacks;
Hillary's Hitler mustache,

applied carefully
before a mirror, doesn't
begin to tremble
as she declares eternal
solidarity with Greece

while raising a sword
to cut off the flow of cash
from the sacred banks
whose bellies are fat with drug
dough and taxpayers' greenbacks.

On Whidbey Island,
far removed from the action,
a road construction
crew sinks its mechanical
teeth into the earth's hide and

exposes the bones
of the first people Raven
released from the clam;
the rain stops for an instant,
permits their sighs to be heard.

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