Monday, August 01, 2011

Intimitations of the Next World


"Nature is vulnerable, but it is also tough,
and it will inevitably be up last at bat."
Gary Snyder

Here in Mexico
a poet demands a truth
commission: this war
on drugs the gringos outsourced
has now killed 50 thousand

(there is no need for
sterilization campaigns
in the villages
of Guerrero). Meanwhile, in
Chile, the sloppy study

that finds Allende's
death to be a suicide
has not laid to rest
his exhumed body, nor the
terror of dictatorship.

Thirty years ago
Torrijo's helicopter
exploded over
Panama's canal, gving
birth to the tradition of

inconvenient voices
from the Sudan to
Minnesota with a bang,
leaving only a whmper of

unsolved mysteries.
Peru's new president calls
for an end to bribes
and corruption, while barrels
of plutocratic pork slam

into each other
on the U.S. congress floor,
making class warfare
a demolition derby
for all of us to enjoy.

China's "communists"
scoff at the gringos' fiscal
mayhem, whle at home
one more coal mine swallows its
coolie canaries, belches.

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