Thursday, February 20, 2003


Raven and I have been trying to read today’s La Jornada in Internet:

Incrementa EU campaña para que la ONU lo autorice a atacar (The US increases the campaign for the UN to authorize them to attack)

Niega el Departamento de Estado que enviara a Aznar para lograr que Fox apoye planes de Bush (US State Department denies it sent Aznar to get Fox to support Bush’s plans)

I wanted to know what Raven thought about the US trying to rally support for its “cause”.

“Is that a rhetorical question?” Raven gave me a sidelong glance and turned his eyes back to the computer screen.

No, actually, it wasn’t.

“In that case, I will answer you.” Raven gave me his full attention now. “If you remember, a couple of days ago we were talking about evolution. Not in general terms, but specifically in regard to your species.”

Yes, I remember. You said that we had not evolved since the Stone Age.

“Something like that, yes. Your species’ name implies the ability to reason. An ability which you have not, lamentably, attributed to other species. If we were observing this behavior among world leaders in, let’s say, a pack of wolves, what would you say about it?”

I suppose I would say that they were ganging up on a weaker animal who was no longer able to fight back because he was old or sick.

“Okay. Now think about if that attitude of ganging up on and eliminating a weaker animal would be considered moral if you apply it to humans, to your species.” Raven looked at me particularly sternly.

I didn’t think it would be, no.

“So, what do members of your species do to justify actions which are essentially immoral?”

I guess we would try to get a consensus. If everybody participates in the action, there is no one to raise a big stink about its immorality. Even though it is.

“So the US didn’t even have to send Aznar to put the arm on Fox to change Mexico’s vote in the Security Council to pro-war. Aznar could have done it on his own to cover his own bad conscience because he is part of the pack. The result is the same.”

Raven seems to know a lot about animals, especially our species....

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