Saturday, February 22, 2003


Raven will not be making any comments on this page today.

This morning I was washing my clothes, as usual, in the kitchen sink. I went out to hang the clothes on the line and noticed that a small, presumably female raven was sitting on the wall. Later she was sitting on a limb of the lime tree.

I went back inside to cook my breakfast.

Suddenly a racket began, and I peeked out to see Raven screeching and flapping his wings at another male, who was flapping back at him.

Uh, Rave. Is this the behavior of an evolved bird?

Raven and the other male were engaged in a Mexican standoff. Then they circled the base of the lime tree. Then they flapped their wings again. The male who was trying to horn in on Raven's relationship slowly backed off and flew away.

Raven flew up to the limb next to the female's perch.

You know something, Rave? I see that bellicosity again and you can take it out of my garden to another Bush....

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