Thursday, May 08, 2003


Raven and I are really busy this week, and tomorrow we will be showing "La revolución no será transmitida"--new documentary from Ireland about last year's brief "golpe de estado" in Venezuela that took Hugo Chávez out of the presidency for almost 48 hours--so that means preparations....

However, we are very concerned about the increasing saber rattling on the part of the Bush Gang in regard to Cuba--the one country in this hemisphere which has kept the imperial monster at bay for 44 years--as well as Otto Reich's delusions of grandeur about becoming the neo-nazi Reich-chancellor of Cuba. Here in Latin America many intellectuals have jumped on the bandwagon to protest the latest threats against a sovereign nation. You may add your name to that protest by going into this web site:

Indicate at the top of the page that you want English, then click on SIGNATURES to fill out the form.

The following is the text of the protest statement:


The international order has been violated as a consequence of the invasion against Iraq. A single power is inflicting grave damage to the norms of understanding, debate and mediation amongst countries. This power has invoked a series of unverified reasons in order to justify its invasion. Unilateral action has led to massive loss of civilian life an devastation of one of the cultural patrimonies of humanity.

We only possess our moral authority, with which we appeal to world conscience in order to avoid a new violation of the principles, which inform and guide the global community of nations. At this very moment, a strong campaign of destabilization against a Latin American nation has been unleashed. The harassment against Cuba could serve as a pretext for an invasion. Therefore, we call upon citizens and policy makers to uphold the universal principles of national sovereignity, respect of territorial integrity and self-determination, essential to just and peaceful co-existence among nations.

Mexico, April 2003

The Bush Gang is playing the board game of RISK with our planet.

Raven: "They are also not playing with a full deck. Stop them."

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