Friday, May 09, 2003


Despite the bluster on the part of the Bush Gang in regard to:
first blowing Syria out of the desert and
then Cuba out of the water,
the reality of Iran’s enormous oil and gas reserves has situated it in the cross-hairs of the Petrocriminals as the real next target for invasion.

Supposedly, Iran has been developing nuclear weapons in the reactor at Natanz.
Wow, are they fast!
That installation was just visited 3 months ago by the General Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed el Baradei, who reported nothing illegal or even unusual....
Now the Petrocriminals announced in The New York Times that Natanz is an “obvious” nuclear weapons factory!

I am really beginning to wonder if the US public has been so brainwashed by its government and its mass media that it no longer has 2 digits to rub together to make an IQ....

Raven is not at all optimistic. He feels if they had to invent fire again, they wouldn’t be able to rub 2 sticks together either.

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