Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Rave, we have entered the heart of darkness.

"What now?"

Didn't you read the the US Congress passed a law making torture "legal"?

"Yeah. What's new about that? They have been torturing folks in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Guatanamo and in all their Gulag of secret spots ever since the Bush Gang engineered 9/11."

But that was all illegal!

"What difference does that make? There have been no recupercussions from it." Raven helps himself to a whole-grain chocolate cookie. "These are not bad, you know."

How can you stuff your beak when I am so ashamed of carrying a US passport I could crawl in a hole someplace?

"We birds don't need passports. Nor any stinkin' badges, come to think of it".

Geez, Rave--I didn't realize that you were a Mel Brooks fan.

"You learn something new every day. Mel Brooks was funny. Torture is legal. War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Those don't come from Conrad, but Orwell is close."

You're such a cynic.

"Not really--this is just another instance of your species confusing being at the top of the food chain with being superior."

I think we're in the banality of evil territory now, Rave.

"Maybe. Or maybe just in Mexico. It's the same thing."

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Anonymous said...

Say now, with Rummy recently departed from office, I suppose he's eligible for a bag n tag swift trip to War Crimes Court? Or am I dreaming?