Friday, October 06, 2006


Well, Rave, you were right about the Posadas case. The US government is just stalling.

"Of course they are. Posadas was their fair-haired cubano--did all the CIA dirty work and then some. A fanatic as a terrorist. Blowing up that plane 30 years ago and killing 73 people was like eating a donut for that guy."

Yesterday was supposed to be the final day for shitting around. But all they did was submit a document to the INS court in Texas saying that he was a bad guy who had committed terrorist acts and that they wanted a chance if he was going to be set free to submit another document saying that he was a "danger to the community". They have had almost 18 months to act on Venezuela's request for extradition of the guy--since he escaped from prison there (dressed as a priest--el terrorista en sotana) while in the process of being tried for blowing up the Cuban plane. They tried getting another country to take him in a deportation process--and nobody was willing to accept him.

Raven helps himself to the last piece of whole wheat pecan cake.

"Look, they are going to keep shitting around, as you call it, indefinitely. They want to avoid at any cost a trial of the guy because someone could ask about the CIA's role in blowing up the Cuban airplane AND the role of the person who was the CIA Director in 1976: Bush Padre. On they had a story where the president of Cuba's National Assembly said just that."

You're spitting a lot of crumbs around, guy.

"One of those crumbs should be Luis Posada Carriles."

I agree--in addition to the 73 people he offed in the airplane explosion, there's the Italian tourist he ADMITTED to killing in those bombings in 1997 in La Habana. And then that 200 pounds of C-4 plastics caper he tried to pull in 2000 in Panama with Fidel--and everyone else in the stadium--as a target. He went to prison for that, too, but in 2004 when Mireya Moscoso (mas bien "mocosa"--snot nose) was going out of the presidency she accepted a bribe of several million dollars from the Miami Mafia to pardon him and his partners in crime.

"Right. Which is how he ended up bouncing around Central America and finally ended up entering the US from Mexico under mysterious circumstances."

Not THAT mysterious, Rave. Money is never all that mysterious.

"True. Who was it that said "No one can resist a cannon-blast of 50 thousand pesos"?

A little out-of-date, considering inflation and all, but it was Alvaro Obregon.

"Funny. I could've sworn it was George Orwell."

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