Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Intimations of the Next World


We've had 2 weeks of
100 degree days in
central Mexico,
150 bodies in
mass graves in Tamaulipas

and many more to
uncover in the narco
war, and the Senate's
250 million
dollar building is flooded,

along with the poor
folks' houses in Valle de
Chalco. Cables say
the gringos financed t.v.
stations to cover riots

in Syria by
their salaried protesters,
and secret memos
show the UK and US
divided up Irak's oil

before invading
and destroying the country.
Bahrain's shiite death
tolls rises like mercury
in a thermometer while

sailors from the Fifth
Fleet line up at McDonald's
and tornadoes tear
the US midwest loose from
its hinges, heading for Oz.

Chávez mediates
the return of Zelaya
to Honduras while
Fujimori's daughter runs
for president of Peru,

Japan buckles from
more earthquakes, and Amazon
natives just say no
to the multinational
sins of ecotourism.

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