Monday, April 25, 2011

Intimations of the Next World


Predator drones drop
their bombs of scheduled chaos
over Tripoli,
searching for Ghadafi's tent
from a U.S. control room,

as Pakistan ousts
the gringos from their air base
for the final straw
of two dozen women and
children killed by drone attacks,

while in Mexico
for the first time a woman
is crucified in
a passion play, and Jesus,
if he ever existed

is now an outraged
muslim in his Arab Spring
raging at the scribes
and pharisees of foreign
and domestic policies

inking their pens in
the earth's arteries, sucking
fuel from her fossils.
In the jungles of Peru
landless peasants churn coca

leaves into nose drops
for Wall Street and Madison
Avenue hotshots
who launder the drug money
into manufactured needs,

while Acapulco
hotel owners moan that the
in the war on drugs have sent
profits into the toilet,

and in Chiapas
Tzeltales are slapped in jail
for trying to stop
tourists from fouling the falls
and pools of Agua Azul.

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